Bollywood celeb hand waves that took a wrong turn

We all know that waving hands to someone is a sign of greeting. From politicians to beauty queens and even celebrities, they all do the hand wave, quite often. And while it’s no big deal in a ‘hand wave’, it’s hilarious watching some of our Bollywood stars do it, confidently wrong. Here are a few funny pics of the stars waving out to their fans, awkwardly.

Deepika Padukone

Bollywood actress deepika_padukone hand wve
“All you crazy fans, quickly stand in a row.. It’s time for me to shower upon you my grace and blessings.”

Salman Khan

The Dabangg star that he is: “Hey people, i’m not just fearless but a multi-tasker too. Check me out holding the bad guy by the scruff of the neck and waving to you all at the same time.”

Priyanka Chopra

Been there done that. “Waving is no big deal to me. I have enough experience and can do it pretty well, thanks to my Miss World days.”

Saif Ali Khan

“Hello everyone! Hey YOU in that corner there, I said HELLO, damn it!”

Kareena Kapoor

“My modest and gentle wave is sure to give Queen Elizabeth an inferiority complex. After all, I’m not some aira gaira nathu khaira. I’m THE begum of Pataudi.”

Karisma Kapoor

“If you don’t wave back, I’m going to slap you, huh!”

Tusshar Kapoor

“Seeing my face, my fans are surely going to get scared and run away. Ok wait! “My fans”?? Do I really have any?”

Kiran Rao

“OK! Now, this is it. No comments..”


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